High School Sports Photography in Central Maryland

They say that four years of high school goes fast for our kids but it even goes faster for us parents. Before we know it they are getting their first job, playing sports and practicing five nights per week, driving either our car or their own and then taking all of our money and heading off to college. Hopefully as you enjoy every track meet, football and baseball game, lacrosse or field hockey tournament or whatever your child finds their way into, you capture those moments on film. At Mid-Maryland Photography, we take that pressure away from you and let you enjoy these events. 

Let's face it, your point and shoot cameras take great family pictures but they cannot capture action photos like a professional can. We bring years of sports photojournalism to your child's event and shoot them in action. This action is caught just like we do when shooting professional sports for the local newspaper or a national wire service. You will see the passion, the pain, the joy and maybe even sorrow in the eyes of your teenager as they compete and hopefully score that sought-after scholarship. See what other parents say about the quality of our photos and how Mid-Maryland Photography will capture that special shot.

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